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Visual Effects

We don’t only have the expertise on how to refine your films with sophisticated visual effects. We also know how to lower the cost and streamline your principal photography for a fluid postproduction process - if you allow us to be on board for consultation early on. 

Take advantage of over a decade of experience and a solid artist network in high end visual effects and post-production. Our artists have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names on award-winning commercials and Oscar-winning features.

From simple clean-up over beauty retouching to complex cgi composites, we help taking your brand’s story across the finish line and make your imagery stand out from the crowd.

RAW footage final / beauty
final comp RAW footage

An ever increasing demand for “eternal beauty” often enough requires more from the make up department than its artists are possibly able to achieve.

That’s where the experienced digital “make up” artist comes in.

RAW footage final comp
final comp RAW footage
RAW footage final comp
final comp RAW footage


Don’t let me down



S-Bahn Berlin


Color / Finishing


We provide the icing on your commercial, music promo or feature:

Digital Color Grading.

Let us go that last mile together and make your deliverables shine.


Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics are more than just decoration. Let us help you communicate your brand with timeless animation design and vibrant typography.